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 InternalExternal AcademicExternal CommercialOn-Campus
Service 1: Auriga FIB/SEM$45/hour$67.50/hour$135/hour$105/hour
Service 2: Libra TEM Unassisted$45/hour$67.50/hour$135/hour$105/hour
Service 3: Assist/Analysis/Add’l Training$35/hour$52/hour$105/hour$75/hour
Service 4: Sample Prep$12/hour$18/hour$24/hour$21/hour
Service 5: Zeiss EVO SEM$30/hour$45/hour$90/hour$60/hour
Service 6: Asylum Research$10/hour$15/hour$30/hour$25/hour
Service 7: LEO$35/hour$52.85/hour$105/hour$75/hour

*Assisted help is billed in addition to the regular instrument rate.

Rates for instrument time are on self-use base.

Any operation of the instrument by staff will incur an additional charge for staff assistance

Existing users may book time via Stratocore. If staff assistance will be required, that time must be booked in advance of reserving instrument time. Please contact Lab Manager John Dunlap.

[1] Includes usage of ultramicrotome, mutiprep, ion polishing system, dimpler, diamond saw and consumables except diamond lapping paper. Diamond lapping paper is sold by the facility at cost price.