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Joint Institute for Advanced Materials

JIAM Research Areas

JIAM’s team focuses on three primary research areas that reflect existing strengths, current and emerging challenges in the field of material science, and complementary UT/ORNL resources and expertise:

Advanced Functional Materials and Devices

Fuel Cell, oxygen sideJIAM scientists are exploring electronic, magnetic, and optical materials and devices that are smaller, more robust, and more energy efficient. These devices, often crafted from new materials, will advance fields as wide ranging as superconductivity, information storage and processing, sensors, energy harvesting, and creation of cheap and clean-burning fuels. More »

Advanced Structural Materials

Jet TurbineJIAM scientists rely on a range of advanced tools—including supercomputers and a suite of state-of-the-art microscopes—to visualize, manipulate, model, and characterize new materials at the scale of the nanometer. Their research is advancing fields as wide-ranging as energy production, transportation, and computing. More »

Soft and Hybrid Materials

Nuclear Power CoreFor JIAM scientists, an ever expanding range of soft and hybrid materials provides the building blocks for new materials that may revolutionize the ways we produce, use, and store energy. More »



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