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About the Saw

Image reproduced with courtesy of Allied High Tech Products, Inc.

A low speed saw excellent for cutting smaller, delicate samples that cannot tolerate excessive friction and heat caused by high speed sectioning. The gravity-fed cutting system uses adjustable weights to apply or counterbalance downward force to the sample during sectioning. Cutting fluid is drawn from the reservoir by the rotating blade and applied to the sample. With a 3 to 6 inch blade range, samples up to 2 inches thick can be sectioned.

How to use it

Sample Sectioning

  1. Secure your material in the sample holder, using the proper holder from those avilable in the lab.
  2. Select your RPM for the blade. Make sure your blade has come up to its desired speed before you begin feeding the sample into the blade.
  3. Begin feeding your sample into the blade. Make sure not to put excess pressure on the sample arm, let gravity do the work.
  4. Allow the slow saw to cut your sample until it is cut to your desired size!



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