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About the Mill

Image reproduced with courtesy of Leica Microsystems

The Leica EM TRIM2 is a high speed milling system with integrated stereomicroscope and LED ring illuminator for trimming of biological and industrial samples prior to ultramicrotomy.

The Leica TRIM2 features a 1µm feed control for the milling cutter, perpendicular viewing of the embedded sample to determine position for accurate milling, and a superior extraction system with Hepa filter.

How to use it

Clamping the specimen block

  • Clamp the specimen block in the specimen holder in such a manner that it protrudes from the holder by at least the same amount as the diameter of the specimen.
  • Make sure that the milling control lever is in its top position.
  • Insert the specimen holder into the adapter.

Adjusting and aligning the specimen

  • Swivel the specimen pivot arm using the lever into the front face observation position. In this position the specimen axis and observation axis  are parallel
  • Focus the microscope on the specimen using the adjustment knob.

Milling the cutting face

  • Swivel the specimen pivot arm to its desired position using the adjustment lever.
  • Using the paddle and dial controls. You can mill your specimen to your desired size and shape.



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