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JIAM Diffraction Facility

The JIAM Diffraction Facility provides services related to X-ray diffraction of materials. The facility has three instruments (all Cu Kα) that provide numerous options for investigating your materials. We are located in room 224/228 of the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (JIAM).

The lists below are interactive. You can learn more about any of our capabilities by clicking on them in the right column. If you want to see which capabilities apply to your type of sample, simply choose the appropriate option in the left column.

If you are interested in something XRD related that is not listed here (capabilities such as residual stress and others are in development) or if you want to know if a particular capability could pertain to your material, please feel free to contact We are always looking for ways to expand our capabilities!

* Capabilities listed above are dependent upon sample type, sample quality, and data quality


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