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Additional Reading

This is a website that provides a wealth of XRD information. You can skip around to whichever topics interest you, such as introduction to powder diffraction, diffraction theory, symmetry, qualitative and quantitative analyses, indexing, peak shapes, structure refinement, etc.

Many of the downloadable documents below come from Scott Speakman and/or the good folks at Panalytical. These documents make complex topics easier to understand. I highly recommend looking through these. We at the JIAM Diffraction Facility thank Scott and the whole Panalytical team for providing them!

Principles of Data Acquisition

Basic Principles of Data Acquisition

Sample Preparation

Introduction to Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation Techniques

Crystallite Size / Microstrain Determination

Principles of Crystallite Size and Microstrain Analysis / Analysis Using HighScore Plus

Fluorescent Samples

How to Deal with Fluorescent Samples

JIAM Diffraction Facility Manuals

Below, you will find the manuals for the most commonly used techniques we offer in the facility. Manuals for the other measurement techniques will be provided on an individual basis. And please note, simply reading these manuals does not mean that you are qualified to use the instruments! You must meet with the facility manager for training before performing any new measurement technique.

Powder/Conventional/Bragg-Bentano XRD (PXRD)

Powder XRD – Empyrean – Parallel Beam Mirror
Powder XRD – Empyrean – Programmable Divergence Slits

Grazing Incidence XRD (GIXRD)



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