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Yanwen Zhang

Yanwen Zhang

Associate Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

PhD, Engineering Physics,
Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden

PhD, Science
Institute of Low Energy Nuclear Physics, Beijing Normal University, China

Research Interests

  • The interaction of ions and electrons with materials and how these interactions can be applied to the analysis and modification of materials, as well as the detection and characterization of charged particles.
  • Radiation effects in single crystals and nanocrystalline materials of oxides, carbides and nanostructured ferritic steels for energy applications, including novel catalysis, sensors, membranes, bioimaging, solar cells, and advanced nuclear energy systems.
  • Electronic stopping theory and measurements to support fundamental research, device fabrication and modeling electronic performance in high radiation fields or response to single radiation events.

Selected Publications

Y. Zhang, M. Ishimaru, T. Varga, T. Oda, C. Hardiman, H. Xue, Y. Katoh, S. Shannon, and W. J. Weber, Nanoscale Engineering of Radiation Tolerant Silicon Carbide, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 14, 13429–13436 (2012).

Y. Zhang, P.D. Edmondson, T. Varga, S. Moll, F. Namavar, C. Lan and W.J. Weber, Structural Modification of Nanocrystalline Ceria by Ion Beams, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13 (2011) 11946–11950.

Yanwen Zhang, Weilin Jiang, Chongmin Wang, Fereydoon Namavar, Philip D. Edmondson, Zihua Zhu, Fei Gao, Jie Lian, William J. Weber, “Grain growth and phase stability of nanocrystalline cubic zirconia under ion irradiation”, Physical Review B 82 (2010) 184105.

Y. Zhang, W.J. Weber, The Role of Energy Partitioning on Electron-hole Recombination, Trapping and Detection in Silicon Detectors, Physical Review B 82 (2010) 075202.

Y. Zhang, I.-T. Bae, K. Sun, C. Wang, M. Ishimaru, Z. Zhu, W. Jiang, and W.J. Weber, “Damage Profile and Ion Distribution of Slow Heavy Ions in Compounds” Journal of Applied Physics, 105 (2009) 104901.

H. J. Whitlow, R. Hellborg and Y. Zhang, (Editors), Ion Beams in Nanoscience and Technology (Springer Verlag, Berlin), 2009.

Contact Information

Yanwen Zhang
203 TANDEC Building
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996

Nuclear Materials Science & Technology Group Materials Science & Technology Division
4500S (A148), MS 6138
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6138

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