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Thomas A. Zawodzinski

Thomas Zawodzinski

Governor’s Chair in Electrical Energy Storage
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

PhD, Chemistry and Cell/Molecular Biology
State University of New York at Buffalo

Research Bio

Research Interests

  • Electrolytes and composite electrodes for fuel cells
  • Fundamentals of energy storage materials and systems
  • Water management in fuel cells
  • Application of NMR to chemical engineering problems

Selected Publications

B. Kienitz, H. Baskaran, T. A. Zawodzinski,Modeling the Steady State Effects of Cationic Contaminants on Polymer Electrolyte membranes” Electrochim. ACTA, 54, 1671, (2009).

R. Subbaraman, T. A. Zawodzinski and J. A. Mann, “Estimation of the Hamaker Coefficient for a Fuel Cell Supported Catalyst System” Langmuir, 24, 8245, (2008).

A. Guha, W. J. Lu, T. A. Zawodzinski, D. A. Schiraldi, “Surface-modified carbons as platinum catalyst support for PEM fuel cells”, Carbon, 45(7), 1506, (2007).

R. Subbaraman, H. Ghassemi, T. A. Zawodzinski, “4,5-dicyano-1H-[1,2,3]-triazole as a proton transport facilitator for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells”, J. Am.  Chem. Soc., 129(8), 2238, (2007).

H. Ghassemi, J. E. McGrath, T. A. Zawodzinski, “Multiblock sulfonated-fluorinated poly(arylene ether)s for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell”, Polymer, 47(11), 4132, (2006).

Contact Information

Thomas A. Zawodzinski
442 Dougherty Engineering Bldg.
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-2200




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