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Brian D. Wirth

Brian Wirth

Governor's Chair Professor
Department of Nuclear Engineering

PhD, Mechanical Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests

  • Computational modeling and measurements of radiation effects in materials, molecular dynamics simulation, nano-materials

Selected Publications

J. J. Powers and B.D. Wirth, “A Review of TRISO Fuel Performance Modeling”, Journal of Nuclear Materials (2010) 405 (2010) 74-82.

D. Xu and B.D. Wirth, “Modeling Spatially Dependent Kinetics of Helium Desorption in BCC Iron Following He Ion Implantation”, Journal of Nuclear Materials 403 (2010) 184-190.

D. Xu, B.D. Wirth, J. Schroers, and W.L. Johnson, “Calculating Glass-Forming Ability in Absence of Key Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters”, Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 024102.

C. Hin and B.D. Wirth, “Formation of Y2O3 nanoclusters in nano-structured ferritic alloys: Modeling of precipitation kinetics and yield strength”, Journal of Nuclear Materials 402 (2010) 30-37.

A. Molvik, A. Ivanov, G.L. Kulcinski, D. Ryutov, J. Santarius, T. Simonen, B.D. Wirth, and A. Ying, “A Gas Dynamic Trap Neutron Source for Fusion Material and Subcomponent Testing”, Fusion Science and Technology 57 (2010) 369-394.

J. Marian, E. Martinez, H.-J. Lee, and B.D. Wirth, “Micro/meso-scale computational study of dislocation –stacking – fault tetrahedron interactions in copper”, Journal of Materials Research 24 (2009) 3628-3635.

Contact Information

Brian D. Wirth
303 Pasqua Engineering Building
Department of Nuclear Engineering
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-2300




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