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William J. Weber

William Weber

Governor's Chair Professor
Department of Material Science and Engineering

University of Wisconsin

Research Interests

  • Theory and modeling of radiation-solid interactions
  • Evolution of radiation effects in materials
  • Ion-beam and electron-beam modification of materials
  • Defects and defect/property relationships in ceramics
  • Long-term performance of nuclear materials
  • Materials physics of radiation detectors

Selected Publications

W. J. Weber, Y. Zhang, H. Y. Xiao, and L. M. Wang, Dynamic Recovery in Silicate-Apatite Structures under Irradiation and Implications for Long-Term Immobilization of Actinides,” RSC Advances 2 [2]: 595-604 (2012).

M. Ishimaru, I. O. Usov, Y. Zhang, and W. J. Weber, “Superlattice-Like Stacking Fault Array in Ion-Irradiated GaN,” Philosophical Magazine Letters 92 [1]: 49-55 (2012).

P. D. Edmondson, Y. Zhang, S. Moll, T. Varga, F. Namavar, and W. J. Weber, “Anomalous Grain Growth in the Surface Region of a Nanocrystalline CeO2 Film under Low-Temperature Heavy Ion Irradiation,” Physical Review B 85 [21]: 214113 (2012).

Y. Katoh, L. L. Snead, I. Szlufarska, and W. J. Weber, “Radiation effects in SiC for nuclear structural applications,” Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 16 [3]: 143-152 (2012).

H. Y. Xiao, Y. Zhang, and W. J. Weber, “Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Low-Energy Recoil Events in ThO2, CeO2, and ZrO2,” Physical Review B 86 [5]: 054109 (2012).

P. D. Edmondson, Y. Zhang, S. Moll, T. Varga, F. Namavar, and W. J. Weber, “Irradiation Effects on Microstructure Change in Nanocrystalline Ceria – Phase, Lattice Stress, Grain Size and Boundaries,” Acta Materialia 60 [15]: 5408-5416 (2012).

H. Y. Xiao, Y. Zhang, and W. J. Weber, “Thermodynamic Properties of CexTh1-xO2 Solid Solution from First-Principles Calculations,” Acta Materialia 61 [2]: 467-476 (2013).

Contact Information

William J. Weber
201 TANDEC Building
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996

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