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Adrian Sabau

Adrian Sabau

Senior Research Staff Member
Processing and Joining Group
Materials Science and Technology Division, ORNL

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

Research Interests

  • Light-weight materials processing (metal casting, powder metallurgy)
  • Materials behavior in harsh environments (high temperature, pressure, heat flux)
  • Infrared and laser processing of metals, complex oxides, and semitransparent materials
  • Development of thermophysical and thermomechanical property measurement techniques
  • Defect prediction and microstructure evolution during materials processing using multi-physics, multiscale models (energy transport, mass transport, fluid dynamics)

Selected Publications

Kalnaus S., Sabau A.S., Tenhaeff W.E., Dudney N.J., and Daniel C., “Design of composite polymer electrolytes for Li ion batteries based on mechanical stability criteria,” Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 201, pp. 280-287 (2012).

Sabau, A.S. and Wright, I.G. “Influence of Oxide Growth and Metal Creep on Strain Development in the Steam-side Oxide in Boiler Tubes,” Oxidation of Metals, Vol. 73, pp. 467-492, (2010).

Sabau, A.S., Duty, C.E., Dinwiddie, R.B, Nichols, M., Blue, C.A., and Ott, R.D., “A radiative transport model for heating paints using high density plasma arc lamps,” J. Appl. Phys. 105, 084901, DOI:10.1063/1.3097356 (2009).

Sabau, A.S., Kadolkar, P.B., Dinwiddie, R.B., Ott, R.D., and Blue, C.A. “Process Parameters for Infrared Processing of FePt Nanoparticle Films, Metall. and Mat.” Trans. A., Vol. 38A, pp. 788-797 (2007).

Sabau, A.S., “Measurement of Heat Flux at Metal-Mold Interface during Casting Solidification,” Int. J. of Cast Metals Research, Vol. 19, pp. 188-194 (2006).

Sabau, A.S. and Viswanathan, S, “Microporosity Prediction in Aluminum Alloy Castings,” Metall. and Mat. Trans., 2002, Vol. 33B, pp. 243-255.

Contact Information

1 Bethel Valley Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6083

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