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David Mandrus

David Mandrus

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Stony Brook University

Research Bio

Research Interests

  • Growth, discovery, and materials physics of new electronic and magnetic materials (e.g., superconductors, thermoelectrics, multiferroics, and itinerant magnets)
  • Oxide electronics

Selected Publications

Mandrus, D; Sefat, A. S.; McGuire, M. A.; Sales, B. C., “Materials Chemistry of BaFe2As2  : A Model Platform for Unconventional Superconductivity.” Chemistry of Materials 22, 715(2010).

Lumsden, M. D.; Christianson, A. D.; Goremychkin, E. A.; Nagler, S. E.; Mook, H. A.; Stone, M. B.; Abernathy, D. L.;  MacDougall, G. J.; de la Cruz, C.; Sefat, A. S.; McGuire, M. A.; Sales, B. C.;  Mandrus, D., “Evolution of spin excitations into the superconducting state in FeTe1-xSex.” NATURE PHYSICS, 2010. 6(3): p. 182.

Sefat, A.S., R.Y. Jin, M.A. McGuire, B.C. Sales, D.J. Singh, and D. Mandrus, “Superconductivity at 22 K in Co-doped BaFe2As2 crystals,” Physical Review Letters, 2008. 101(11): p. 117004.

Angst, M., R.P. Hermann, A.D. Christianson, M.D. Lumsden, C. Lee, M.H. Whangbo, J.W. Kim, P.J. Ryan, S.E. Nagler, W. Tian, R. Jin, B.C. Sales, and D. Mandrus, “Charge Order in LuFe2O4: Antiferroelectric Ground State and Coupling to Magnetism”. Physical Review Letters, 2008. 101(22): p. 227601.

Hermann, R.P., V. Keppens, P. Bonville, G.S. Nolas, F. Grandjean, G.J. Long, H.M. Christen, B.C. Chakoumakos, B.C. Sales, and D. Mandrus, “Direct experimental evidence for atomic tunneling of europium in crystalline Eu8Ga16Ge30.” Physical Review Letters, 2006. 97(1): p. 017401.

Contact Information

David Mandrus
410 Ferris Hall
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-2100




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