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Eric D. Lukosi

Eric Lukosi

Assistant Professor
Department of Nuclear Engineering

PhD, Nuclear Engineering
University of Missouri

Research Interests

  • Radiation instrumentation
  • Sensor development and modeling
  • Nuclear batteries
  • Fundamental nuclear physical quantities


Selected Publications

Eric Lukosi, Jennifer Littell, Hannah Hale, “Neutron Conversion Layer Geometry Effect on Detection Efficiency when Coupled to Charged Particle Sensors,” IEEE TNS, in preparation, Planned submission for publication in Transactions on Nuclear Science, August 2014.

Eric Lukosi, Jennifer Littell, Charles Rowan, Robert Milburn, “Coded Mask Approaches to Thermal Neutron Detection and 1D Localization of SNM,” Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, in preparation.

Mark. A. Prelas, Charles J. Weaver, Matthew Watermann, Eric Lukosi, Robert Schott, and Denis Wisniewski, “A Review of Nuclear Batteries,” Progress in Nuclear Energy 75 (2014) 117-148.

Charles L. Weaver , Robert J. Schott, Mark A. Prelas, Denis A. Wisniewski, Jason B. Rothenberger, Eric D. Lukosi, and Kyuhak Oh, “Alphavoltaic Proof-of-Concept Using Photon Intermediate Direct Energy Conversion and the Alpha Emitter Po-210,” under review to Applied Radiation and Isotopes, July 2013.

Eric Lukosi, Mark Prelas, Joongmoo Shim, Haruetai Kasiwattanawut, Charles Weaver, Cherian Joseph Mathai and Shubhra Gangopadhyay, “Diamond-based Radiation Sensor for LENR Experiments. Part 2: Experimental Analysis of Deuterium-loaded Palladium,” J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 12 (2013) 1-8.

Thomas B. Rezentes Jr, Mark A. Prelas, Eric Lukosi, Matthew L. Watermann, Jack Crawford, and Richard H. Olsher, “Computer Based Investigative Techniques-A Comparison of Dose Using the MCNP code for OSL Dosimeters,” Accepted for publication in Nuclear Technology, November 2013.

Eric Lukosi and Mark Prelas, “Experimental Investigations of Multiplexed Electronic Grade CVD Diamond for Neutron Detection,” under review in Radiation Measurements, August 2012.


Contact Information

Eric D. Lukosi
212 Pasqua Engineering Building
Department of Nuclear Engineering
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996


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