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Veerle M. Keppens

Veerle Keppens

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

PhD, Physics
K.U. Leuven (Belgium)

Research Interests

  • Elastic constants and lattice dynamics of novel materials, including transition metal oxides, frustrated magnets and spin glasses, and thermoelectric materials

Selected Publications

Structural and magnetic properties of Tb6Fe1-xCoxBi2 (x=0, 0.125, 0.25, 0.375) compounds, L.Jia, M. Koehler, D. McCarthy, M. McGuire and V. Keppens, Journal of Applied Physics 109, 07E331 (2011).

Elastic moduli and magnetostriction of Tb6CoxFe1-x(Bi,Sb)2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.375), M. Koehler, L. Jia, D. McCarthy, and V. Keppens, Journal of Applied Physics 109, 07A918 (2011).

Effects of Nematic Fluctuations on the elastic properties of Iron Arsenide superconductors, Rafael M. Fernandes, Lindsay H. VanBebber, Shobo Bhattacharya, Premala Chandra, Veerle Keppens, David Mandrus, Michael A. McGuire, Brian C. Sales, Athena S. Sefat, and Joerg Schmalian, Physical Review Letters 105, 157003 (2010).

Elastic moduli of superhard rhenium diboride, M. Koehler, V. Keppens, R. Jin, B.C. Sales, and D. Mandrus,  Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42,  095414 (2009).

Phase transitions in LaFeAsO: Structural, magnetic, elastic, and transport properties, heat capacity and Mössbauer spectra, Michael A. McGuire, Andrew D. Christianson, Athena S. Sefat, Brian C. Sales, Mark D. Lumsden, Rongying Jin, E. Andrew Payzant, David Mandrus, Yanbing Luan , Veerle Keppens, Vijayalaksmi Varadarajan, Joseph W. Brill, Raphaël P. Hermann, Moulay T. Sougrati and Fernande Grandjean, and Gary J. Long, Physical Review B 78, 094517 (2008).

Dumbbell Rattling in Thermoelectric Zinc Antimony, W. Schweika, R. P. Hermann, M. Prager, J. Perßon, and V. Keppens, Physical Review Letters, 98, 15501 (2007).

Contact Information

Veerle M. Keppens
Joint Institute for Advanced Materials
Phone: 865-974-7415




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