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Randy S. Fishman

Randy Fishman

Acting Theory Group Leader/Distinguished R&D Staff
ORNL Materials Theory Group, Materials Science and Technology Division
Joint Faculty, UT Department of Physics and Astronomy

Princeton University

Research Interests

  • Theory of magnetism in oxide materials
  • Multiferroic materials
  • Molecule-base magnets
  • Spin dynamics of complex materials with non-collinear spins


Selected Publications

F. Ye, J.A. Fernandez-Baca, R.S. Fishman, Y. Ren, H.J. Kang, Y. Qiu, and T. Kimura, “Magnetic Interaction in the Geometrically Frustrated Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet CuFeO2,” Physical Review Letters 99, 157201 (2007).

J.T. Haraldsen and R.S. Fishman, “Spin Rotation Technique for Non-Collinear Magnetic Systems: Application to the Generalized Villain Model,” Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21, 216001 (2009).

J.T. Haraldsen, M. Swanson, G. Alvarez, and R.S. Fishman, “Spin-Wave Instabilities and Non-Collinear Magnetic Phases of a Geometrically Frustrated Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet,” Physical Review Letters 102, 237204 (2009).

R.S. Fishman and S. Okamoto, “Non-Collinear Magnetic Phases of a Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet and of Doped CuFeO2,” Physical Review B, Rapid Communications 81, 020402 (2010).

J.T. Haraldsen, F. Ye, R.S. Fishman, J.A. Fernandez-Baca, Y. Yamaguchi, K. Kimura, and T. Kimura, “The Multiferroic Phase of Doped CuFeO2 Identified using Inelastic Neutron Scattering,” Physical Review B, Rapid Communications 82, 020404(R) (2010).

J.T. Haraldsen and R.S. Fishman, “Effect of Lattice Distortions and Anisotropy on the Magnetic Ground State and Spin Dynamics of the Multiferroic Phase of Doped CuFeO2,” Physical Review B 82, 144441 (2010).

R.S. Fishman, “Phase Diagram of a Geometrically-Frustrated Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet in a Magnetic Field,” Physical Review Letters 106, 037206 (2011).

F. Ye, R.S. Fishman, J.A. Fernandez-Baca, A.A. Podlesnyak, G. Ehlers, H.A. Mook, Y.-Q. Wang, B. Lorenz, and C.W. Chu, “Long-Range Magnetic Interactions in the Multiferroic Antiferromagnet MnWO4,” Physical Review B, Rapid Communications 83, 140401 (2011).

M. Frontzek, J.T. Haraldsen, A. Podlesnyak, M. Matsuda, A. Christianson, R.S. Fishman, Y. Qiu, J. Copley, S. Barilo, S.V. Shiryaev, and G. Ehlers, “Magnetic Excitations in the Geometrically-Frustrated Multiferroic CuCrO2,” Physical Review B 84, 094448 (2011).

U. Nagel, R.S. Fishman, T. Katuwal, H. Engelkamp, D. Talbayev, H.T. Yi, S.-W. Cheong, and T. Rõõm, “Terahertz Spectroscopy of Spin Waves in Multiferroic BiFeO3 in High Magnetic Fields,” Physical Review Letters 110, 257201 (2013).

R. S. Fishman, “Field dependence of the spin state and spectroscopic modes of multiferroic BiFeO3,” Phys. Rev. B 87, 224419 (2013).

R. S. Fishman, “Orientation dependence of the critical magnetic field for multiferroic BiFeO3,” Phys. Rev. B 88, 104419 (2013).

F. Haque, E. del Barco, R. S. Fishman, and J. S. Miller, “Low temperature hysteretic behavior of the interpenetrating 3-D network structured [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Fe(CN)6] magnet,” Polyhedron 64, 73 (2013).

C. Mitra, R. S. Fishman, S. Okamoto, H.-N. Lee, and F. A. Reboredo, “Ground-state and spin-wave dynamics in Brownmillerite SrCoO2.5—a combined hybrid functional and LSDA+U study,” J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 26, 036004 (2014).

S. E. Hahn, A. A. Podlesnyak, G. Ehlers, and G. E. Granroth, R. S. Fishman, A. I. Kolesnikov, E. Pomjakushina, and K. Conder “Inelastic neutron scattering studies of YFeO3,” Phys. Rev. B 89, 014420 (2014).

K. R. O’Neal, Z. Liu, J. S. Miller, R. S. Fishman, and J. L. Musfeldt, Pressure-driven high-to-low spin transition in the bimetallic quantum magnet [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6], Phys. Rev B 90, 104301 (2014).

J. Ma, J. H. Lee, S. E. Hahn, T. Hong, H. B. Cao, A. A. Aczel, Z. L. Dun, M. B. Stone, W. Tian, Y. Qiu, J. R. D. Copley, H. D. Zhou, R. S. Fishman, and M. Matsuda, Strong competition between orbital ordering and itinerancy in a frustrated spinel vanadate, Phys. Rev B 91, 020407(R) (2015).

P. A. Quintero, D. Rajan, M. K. Peprah, T. V. Brinzari, R. S. Fishman, D. R. Talham, and M. W. Meisel, Pressure-induced enhancement of the magnetic anisotropy in Mn(N(CN)2)2, Phys. Rev B 91, 014439 (2015).


Contact Information

Randy S. Fishman
Materials Science and Technology Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008
1 Bethel Valley Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6032


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