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Adolfo Eguiluz

Adolfo Eguiluz

Department of Physics and Astronomy

PhD, Physics
Brown University

Research Interests

  • Condensed Matter Physics, including multi-prong studies of complex oxides: DFT ground states, Electronic excitations in a local basis, Ab Initio many-body Hamiltonians, and their Solvers.

Selected Publications

Y.Q. Cai, P.C. Chow, O.D. Restrepo, Y Takano, K Togano, H Kito, H Ishii, CC Chen, KS Liang, CT Chen, S Tsuda, S Shin, CC Kao, W Ku, AG Eguiluz, “Low-energy charge-density excitations in MgB2: Striking interplay between single-particle and collective behavior for large momenta.” Physical Review Letters, Vol. 97, No. 17, 17155487, 2006.

B.C. Larson, Wei Ku, J.Z. Tischler, Chi-Cheng Lee, O.D. Restrepo, A.G. Eguiluz, P. Zschack, K.D. Finkelstein, “Nonresonant inelastic X-ray scattering and energy-resolved Wannier function investigation of d-d excitations in NiO and CoO.” Physical Review Letters, Vol. 99, No. 2, 026401, 2007.

A. Kozhevnikov, A.G. Eguiluz, T.C. Schulthess, “Toward First Principles Electronic Structure Simulations of Excited States and Strong Correlations in Nano- and Materials Science.” 2010 ACM/IEEE International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, p 10, 2010.

Ke Zhao, M.C. Troparevsky, A.G. Eguiluz, Zhenyu Zhang, “Electronic coupling and optimal gap size between two metal nanoparticles.” Physical Review Letters, Vol. 102, No. 18, 186804, 2009.

M.C. Troparevsky, Ke Zhao; Di Xiao, A.G. Eguiluz, Zhenyu Zhang, “Molecular orbital view of the electronic coupling between two metal nanoparticles.” Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), Vol. 82, No. 4, 045413, 2010.

M.M. Özer, Eun Ju Moon, A.G. Eguiluz, H.H. Weitering, “Plasmon Response of a Quantum-Confined Electron Gas Probed by Core-Level Photoemission.” Physical Review Letters, Vol. 106, No. 19, 197601, 2011.

S. Huotari, C. Sternemann, M.C. Troparevsky, A.G. Eguiluz, A.G., M. Volmer, M.; Sternemann, H.; Muller, H.; Monaco, G.; Schulke, W., “Strong deviations from jellium behavior in the valence electron dynamics of potassium.” Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), Vol. 80, No. 15, 155107, 2009.

R. Arita, J. Kunes, A.V. Kozhevnikov, A.G. Eguiluz, M. Imada, “Ab Studies on the Interplay between Spin-Orbit Interaction and Coulomb Correlation in A2IrO4 and Ba2IrO4.” Physical Review Letters, Vol. 108, No. 8, 086403, 2012.

Y. Hirata, M. Nakajima, Y. Nomura, H. Tajima, H., Y. Matsushita, K. Asoh, Y. Kiuchi, A.G. Eguiluz, R. Arita, T. Suemoto, K. Ohgushi, “Mechanism of enhanced optical second-harmonic generation in the conducting pyrochlore-type Pb2Ir2O7-x oxide compound.” Physical Review Letters, Vol. 110, No. 18, 187402, 2013.

Contact Information

Adolfo Eguiluz
613 Science and Engineering Building
1414 Circle Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-1200
974-9642 or 574-5783




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